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From Founder to CEO

March 29, 2016

Podcast featuring our Founder Ilya Bodner


In our quest to make commercial insurance easier we've been asked to speak at various agent round tables, conferences and more. Listen to our very own Ilya Bodner as he discusses challenges in building an insurtech startup: http://fromfoundertoceo.com/149-ilya-bodner/

Podcast Summary: Originally from Uzbekistan, Ilya Bodner started with nothing and is tackling one of the toughest industries in which to launch a startup – insurance. But, with determination, thousands of hours of interview research, lots of patience, and a wonderful team, Ilya has successfully grown an #insurtech company that is getting huge traction. With over 2,000 insurance agents using his platform, he is well on his way to taking Bold Penguin to even more bold growth.

Thank you Todd Uterstaedt for the original interview.

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