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Using Technology in Insurance

AgencyNation podcast with our Founder Ilya Bodner


Original podcast link: https://www.agencynation.com/bold-penguin-insurance-technology-customer-experience/

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, we’re joined by Ilya Bodner, co-founder of Bold Penguin, an insurtech startup helping to streamline the commercial insurance experience.

Not all insurtech startups were created to “Disrupt” the independent channel.

Some, in Bold Penguin’s case, were built to help independent agents harness technology and grow their business (Similar to TrustedChoice.com).

In our discussion, Ilya explains:

  • Where he thinks insurance technology is going,
  • Why independent agents have struggled to move quickly on insurance technology, and
  • What he believes the possibilities are for those who do jump in.

Who the winners and losers of the insurtech movement will be, is far from determined. No one knows what, if any, real “Disruptions” will take place.

What we do know is technology properly implemented and effectively utilized can drastically improve the efficiency of an independent insurance agency and the insurance customer experience.

The real question is whether or not you are going to step forward begin to take advantage of the technology at our finger tips today?

I hope you will…

Bold Penguin is a good place to start.

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Learn more about Bold Penguin and Ilya Bodner:

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

P.S. Stay on top of insurtech from the independent agents perspective at our new publication: Insurtech IA

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