Data Engineer


If you like to solve tough problems and be on the cutting edge of an industry, the Data Engineer position at Bold Penguin is for you. You’ll be building a real-time optimization engine driven by customer data from a forward-thinking insurance industry tech company (we call it InsureTech here).

Essential functions

•  Work with biddable media manager to automate analysis of paid media campaigns – use statistics to suggest real-time optimizations
•  Create a visualization layer that tracks the health (economics) of our marketplace in real time
•  Identify data trends and understand the cause for significant variations in those trends 
•  Create a service layer that pushes data between our services and third parties (such as publishers)
•  Create quantitative measures of the relationships between variables in our business model (such as media spend to quote rate)
•  Create a digital collection layer that tracks all of our users across touch-points and stores those values as features in an optimization model 


•  Knowledge of ETL technologies and best practices
•  Experience using statistics and algorithms to optimize weights of variables
•  Familiarity with APIs and Web Services
•  Javascript, SQL, R (preferred), and server side programming languages like Ruby and Python (our main application is in Ruby on Rails)
•  Visualization technologies such as high charts (other js based tools are fine)
•  Tagging and tag manager (to deploy the digital collection layer on pages)
•  Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skill
•  Ability to multi-task, prioritize tasks and quickly adjust in a rapidly changing environment
•  General knowledge of the insurance industry is preferred, but not required

Preferred, but not required

Interpersonal Skills

•  Self-motivated, action and results oriented 
•  Well organized, good communication and reporting skills 
•  Ability to successfully work under tight project deadlines
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