VP of Engineering


The VP of engineering manages and directs all other engineers and developers. Priorities for this position include strategic planning, product design, QA, problem resolution, and all code. These should meet company objectives while partnering with management to develop systems and controls that ensure compliance with quality standards.

Essential functions

•   Develops and directs procedures and methods to ensure quality standards are met and maintained
•   Ensure that teams have appropriate product and technical specifications, direction, and resources to deliver products effectively by establishing realistic estimates for timelines while ensuring that projects remain on target to meet deadlines
•   Evolve the existing software development tools/system and architecture in various areas as needed
•   Continuously create and improve a process of collaboration that steps projects from whiteboard to wireframe to development, test and improvement
•   Formalize requirements and provide rigidity where necessary while maintaining flexibility to serve company needs
•   Provides engineering expertise in the areas of code (mostly Ruby) and product maintenance throughout the organization
•   Manages engineering budget
•   Manages product design from design to execution
•   Recommends methods, materials and layouts for improvement based on needs and capabilities
•   Builds, develops and manages engineering team capable of carrying out needed engineering initiatives
•   Performs other related duties as assigned


•  Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience.
•  Management/leadership experience 
•  Strong leadership, project management skills, time management, and problem solving skills. 
•  Our team develops in many environments across all major platforms and frameworks, but mostly Ruby on Rails 
•  High command of verbal and written English
•  General knowledge of the insurance industry is preferred, but not required

Preferred, but not required

Interpersonal Skills

•  Self-motivated, action and results oriented 
•  Well organized, good communication and reporting skills 
•  Ability to successfully work under tight project deadlines 
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